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An Announcement

I am feeling a pull to do something rather bold today. The Moon is in Loving-all-things-social Gemini and that influence is currently trining my natal Venus in Aquarius in the 11th House. Therefore in the spirit of all things community focused this seems the ideal time to announce…

The Reason Season Lifetime Collective.

Yes that is the name that I have been guided to for this dream following project.  An ancient wisdom that has always been close to my heart, that I have quoted more than one during this blogging journey. It tells us of the connections we have in our lives, the people we meet along the way and how those connections shape us. It also shows us when it becomes necessary to let go and embrace the lesson. And it also represents the importance of impermanence. Reminding us that change doesn’t have to be forever if you don’t wish it to be, that you can so what you love on a off basis or it can competely transform your life. Yet whatever you do for however long brings out more of you and allows you to live a consciously creative life.

This is the guiding principle of the Collective.  Over the next few weeks the Collective will be taking shape through its own connections and any luck will have a lovely home. So I, or rather We, invite you to follow our journey, or take part in some way if moved to and spend time with us for a Reason, Season or a Lifetime.


2 thoughts on “An Announcement”

  1. Hello MYSTICALMUSE111, I got notification that you had liked a post of mine in Ganesh’s blog so I went there to see what blog it was and found that it was one going back to 2012! Since my comment is rather a profound one I thought I would give you the link to all my writings for what they may be worth to you in your work. Here it is
    With my best wishes,

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