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Hidden Gem

Another first today. Our Collective’s first crystal buying trip.  At the Gem and Rock show the Aquarian took me to for my birthday back in March the smiley Brazilian man showing the massive stunning pieces of Amethyst and Smokey recommended to me a supplier. Today I met them and immediately resonated with their energy.  Honest and thoughtful people with a passion for what they do.

I’ve been to a wholesale supplier before back when I was studying the healing properties of crystals in 2003. Wholesale warehouses are normally not like shops and sometimes the crystals don’t feel well looked after. It can feel like a bit of a supermarket or bargain basement place. However, this place was very different. All the pretty rocks seemed well cared for and appreciated for the ancient and awe inspiring beauty that they are. There was also a profound knowledge of the formation of the stones from a geological point of view, something I admire but struggle to retain myself and the advice and information we were given was much more than we could have hoped for.

And the most curious experience was that as we were looking, and we must have circled the place twenty times or more, that more and more crystals appeared in our view. Like an astrology chart the experience felt multi-dimensional as the longer we were there the more secrets were revealed.

I feel blessed to be guided to this place and have acquired some incredible pieces for our opening next Friday. And now the focus will be on how to display them to the fullness of their glory.

2 thoughts on “Hidden Gem”


    Reading this I can’t help but wonder how I would react in a wholesale shop if I were in your shoes. I would hope that I would show restraint in purchasing but part of me thinks I would want everything to come home to my own private collection. 😀 😀 😀

    I guess it is a good thing I am not in your shoes! 😀

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