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Leaping into Leo

The Sun moved into Leo today.  The sign of creative self-expression, of courage and of taking the centre stage.  Seems fitting then that today I signed the lease on behalf of the newly incorporated Reason Season Lifetime Collective.  Quite the astrological Go sign indeed.

Also on the side of affirmations was following the Aquarian’s recommendation for a legal representation as the universe guided me into the path of a kind, warm and considerate solicitor from JPC Law.  This law firm also happens to be local and holds a fascinating space themselves in the original building that housed London’s first Omnibus…the horse drawn ones that is.  Synchronicity abound.

This solicitor’s gentle presence was just what was needed as I took what feels like such a momentous leap from thought to manifestation as I signed with a thumping heart. Thumping with sheer joy and anticipation.

Thank you universe for that timely support.  And as always I will pay it forward.



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