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Going bold

Things have been going at such a speed at the moment that I feel I’m going to meet myself on the way. So this morning I consciously stopped myself and asked for guidance. First up was my daily transit analysis of which each aspect was saying “heal” “connect” “go deeper”. So strong were these messages that a deep meditation needed. 

Off I went to that place with no form and substance heavily grounded by a large piece of Petrified wood. So grounded that I could feel the sensation of the soil and rock as a pushed my energetic roots down through the Earth. Anchored but everywhere at the same time I reconnected with the universal energies around me.

Ready for another day.

As I met a fellow Collective member in a crammed and crushed South Kensington rainy day family outing venue I said a prayer to the Universe of gratitude for encouraging me to spend time in meditation beforehand else I may have just started spinning and not been able to stop. And thanks to that powerful grounding energy of the petrified wood we were able to create and formulate our plans for the shop opening next week. Including some fun ways to promote our venture. 

Back home grounded, settled and energised some of that Leo playful energy got to me, and I decided to be a little bit bold. Quite a scary concept for a little fishy like me but now it’s time to start a roar.  So I’ve started this little campaign, something where we can all be bold. I won’t talk about it here because you can follow the fun on our page.  Join in too. Leap into Leo and make yourself known. 


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