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Family ties

I am writing this from the cosiest spot in our therapy/meditation room after we spent the best part of the day working on it. I could possibly call this post “It’s amazing what you can do with a few saris” because today my inner Blue Peter presenter (UK) erm Martha Stewart ? (US) has been out in full.

I started the day by our beautiful space to my sister in law to be.  So first thanks go to this Wonder Woman who not is only an amazing support of my dreams but also is the creative genius behind the theme of the decor.  It was she who bought me a cake stand at Christmas and started this whole “eccentric English tea room” idea. So sister-to-be-but-already-are thank you so so much. 

Keeping it in the family, the Aquarian, currently with hammer in hand who has spent the afternoon up rickety ladders tapping and tacking to the strains of Bon Jovi (got to give him something) has been phenomenal through all of this and I think he might actually be enjoying himself. Maybe there is a Blue Peter presenter in all of us?

And finally their Mum and Dad, who have been and continue to be incredible and have provided 90% of the decor in the therapy room with carpets and saris! It’s looking great and I offer you my humble gratitude. 

And I’m not forgetting the rest of the family supporting from afar. Your presence and love is always felt R. 

So this is to the in-laws to be. I am feeling blessed.


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