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Virgo Rest Day

It’s been that lovely kind of Moon in Virgo day today. We worked at the shop from midday to midnight yesterday sorting out the therapy room and making some changes to the shop. So today we treated ourselves to a lie in (self-care) before starting on a bunch of chores that had piled up since the shop took priority. Exciting times.

And actually whilst not an exciting plot point on my story it has been pivotal as that lunar return has allowed me to sort and categorise (Virgo heaven) a whole number of things that have been spinning around my energy field saying “what about me?” since getting back from Germany, like little things like planning a wedding… 

This return to some form of stability, however brief it might be, floods my reward centre with lovely things so I know that next week I can concentrate on the next phase of our Collective. That is, truly becoming a collective space for all to share what they love. 

Reiki shares, crystal workshops, jewellery making, Djembe drum circles, tarot and astrology readings, yoga and meditation for children, Angel sharing circles, Gratitude groups and guided meditation evenings. 

Lots to do and can’t wait to do it.

With love x

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