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I received a visit today from someone else who is following and manifesting her dream.  Someone whom I met last week and had that instant “inner knowing” that I’d met her before.  Also someone who has an incredible gift of healing and compassion through teaching the practice of Yoga, to children. 

What an amazing service to offer.  The fun of the yoga movements with the meditative practice of accessing your own inner wisdom. For children.  We are so excited to be hosting a space for this kind of activity.  Further details will be announced on our Facebook page for those interested.

Today I also announced my first workshop “Working with Crystals” which i will be running in a week’s time. This one is for the older children (adults) to play with the pretty rocks and learn about how crystals can aid their own spiritual and personal development. So lots of enthusing about crystals may ensue in future posts this week!

Much more to come though and it feels great to finally get the show on the road…

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