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A new kind of Discipline

The start of Week 3 in the shop. I’ve already developed my own routine or rather ritual before opening. A large part of my vision was having a safe space for people to express themselves and that means safe in a number of different ways including my own energy. We all have our “stuff” whizzing around our energy field, “stuff” that can be everyday, emotional, mental, physical, “stuff” that whilst we may think we are keeping from sight can be picked up unconsciously by others.  Therefore I believe in this kind of work it is essential to ensure that the energy flow between myself and any customers is healthy, that i am operating with a solid connection to my higher self and my guides and that what i offer is with love and compassion.  And they don’t leave with any of my”stuff”.

This is more than running a shop, whilst I am not strictly giving readings in the same way i might with Astro-rocks or Tarot, a reverence for the energies and consciousness is necessary when working with the crystals to assist others. So this requires on my part a little time to connect and “settle” my own energies and give thanks to my guides, those amazing crystal beings of light and my higher self for supporting me in this work.

It feels like a good routine to develop.

I have noticed too that this routine also has a distinct Saturnian vibe. The language i have used – “essential, necessary, respect, requires, reverence” all smack of that strictest of taskmasters. And I am grateful.  He has guided me well so far and I embrace this beautiful discipline which is becoming integral to doing what I love.

Thank you for the blessings of new boundaries.

3 thoughts on “A new kind of Discipline”

  1. I LOVE that you do this! This is the step of taking your shop beyond just “I sell stuff to people” to the realm of “I care for everyone who comes through the door.”

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    1. Thank you! That’s exactly it but I couldn’t put it as well as you! And thank you too for all your encouragement along the way. It really has made a difference… I look forward, one day, to your visit to the shop and London for that matter! Love and light Kirstie ✨💖✨


      1. I will make it there, don’t worry!

        I LOVE London! There is something about it that felt like home to me when I visited several years ago. ❤

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