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Feeling the Love (Again)

Each day in our little corner of the universe offers new surprising discoveries. And I am constantly amazed (and heartened) at how many people I am meeting that are on their own personal journey of discovery, be that through meditation, healing, creative pursuits and, a recurring theme, a willingness to share what they have discovered and how they are feeling.

Feeling not thinking. Because feeling is on the road to access intuition. I’m not talking just emotions here I mean feeling in a more sensory or rather extra-sensory manner.  There is a sensual nature to this work, that is, triggering all of the senses -the 5 we know about and the numerous others (starting with the 6th) that we can explore. Crystals have always offered me a tangible, tactile way to trigger these senses especially touch – the textures, the temperature and how it changes,  the bumps, nooks and crannies- all is part of getting to know a crystal. The crystal in turn allows me to tune into “other” senses, more nebulous and intangible…other dimensional.

And then access guidance. Be that my own intuition or guidance from “up there” I feel it. I can’t see it or touch it like I can the crystals but I KNOW it’s there.

And that’s their message of today. We are waking up, we are “feeling” our way.  With faith and trust we can create full and rich lives of abundance for all.

Namaste ✨

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