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Nudging forward

We had our first group meeting in the meditation room today.  It brought a new type of energy into the space. Dynamic, sharing and positive support for one another specifically around helping each other reach particular milestone in the journey of running or setting up a spiritual business. 

I was happy that the first group event was the Enlightened Enterprisers meet-up group as setting up this group, in true Aries ascendant fashion of just doing it rather than thinking everything through, represented some of my first tentative but practical steps in manifesting the dream.  The meet-up group didn’t turn out to be what I expected but of course it turned out to be what it was meant to be.

A great message for starting out too.  Sometimes when you feel stunted by the fear of moving in the wrong direction just doing something different shifts the energy. After all I get a sense that this incredible journey is not necessarily about following a carefully plotted path but rather course correction time and time again.

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