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I am a bouncing ball of glee at the moment. I have just finished writing and preparing the content for my first crystal workshop on Monday. I am so excited to share my love of crystals and what I learnt and experienced from working with these awesome pretty rocks.

And i get to host the workshop in this amazing space too.

This is the first for me. I’ve run workshops before, training courses, seminars…but on HR topics not these gorgeous examples of unique harmonic vibrations….and I can’t wait to run it. To explore. To enthuse. To bounce!

Normally I’d be running in the other direction from any type of public speaking but now I’m rushing towards. Because I get to do what I love and share this with others.

As always thank you to all those encouragers out there. I get to do this because of you.

In humble gratitude ✨

2 thoughts on “Crystallised”

    1. Hi there!
      The best resource for the properties of crystals is Judy Hall’s The Crystal Bible. There are 3 so far but the first one contains most of the ones commonly available.
      Michael Gienger’s Crystal Power, Crystal Healing and Katrina Raphael’s Crystal Enlightenment are superb for understanding crystals from a healing and “scientific” perspective too.
      Have fun exploring those amazing pretty rocks! 💖


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