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It’s been an “interesting” 24 hours. In that I tried to find another word but interesting seemed to euphamistically fit.

Last night was a beautiful night. A date night of storybook proportions. Sitting on a blanket in the park, with a stunning sunset then popping Prosecco whilst watching one of the best films of all time (in our estimation) The Princess Bride.  There was sighing, belly laughing, and catchphrase repeating rippling across the park as we all shared the experience of this feel-good film.  I felt great -happy and relaxed.

Then. Bang. Something shifted and my mood did a 180 and a boatload of “stuff” came up for release. I’m not going to into why just that it was deep and had been rooted for a number of years. But as I have been feeling planetary influences keenly of late this was unconsciously expected. The last degrees of the Leo Sun squared off the remains of the Scorpio Moon (in my eighth house) and as they sparked so did I. And purged.

The Eighth house is usually one of the more difficult houses to experience. Naturally ruled by Scorpio who in turn is ruled by God of the Underworld, Pluto and the God of War, Mars it’s not going to be a romp through the sunshine. It’s a house of uncovering, dealing with shadows, with the raw, with the spikey. Traditionally referred to as the house of “Death and taxes” giving it a resonance of inevitability, it also an amazing “crucible” for transformation. For alchemy. If you keep going…

It’s the house of discovering your emotions at their deepest, most irrational and unrefined. But most real. The authentic self in all its guts and glory. And working through our own Eighth house issues whilst sometimes stabbingly painful can reveal insights that sparkle like the brightest jewels.

So today i am recovering from this Eighth house temporary plunge into darkness and still a little offguard. But I know that this release will reveal something great, shine bright, and give me strength to keep going.

Once I get to the other side…

1 thought on “Shadow-Hunting”

  1. Hang in there my friend. Those deep emotional purges are so intense and confusing when they seem to come “out of no where” (at least from a 3D reality sense!).

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