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The Wow

Today was my first “Working with Crystals” workshop.  For a various number of reasons from other participants it turned out to be a one to one. It was clearly meant to be as it was a thoroughly enjoyable couple of hours for both of us.

As I’d written the content around pairing people up I took on the role of one of the participants therfore engaging as both teacher and student.  A nice way to test your material! I’ve written about the lighbulb moment before in teaching and I do love to see it in practice but this time there was another moment too.

The Wow moment.

That moment when someone experiences their own intuition themselves. When they realise that the exercise they have just done is an exercise in finding and accessing their source of personal power. Their sovereignty. That’s what the crystal shows them.

They are the teachers here I am the facilitator.  I am so grateful and honoured to be manifesting this process and I really can’t wait to share it further.

Wow, indeed.

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