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The breath of Flow

It’s been a day of what i am going to call quiet abundance.  That is allowing the flow of energy, be that money, physical energy, intention etc, in and out and in again.

I started with not one but two meditations working with a new (definitely past life connected) friend in a guided meditation passed down to me from my crystal healing teacher over 10 years ago.

In this meditation i was guided to usher in and accept the message of Abundance. Not your “loads a money” abundance but the Law of flow, actually the Law of Divine Flow. This Law (not a law in the sense of our third dimensions laws, maybe Lore might be fitting or rather a combination of both?) In this Law/Lore the Divine Flow is a river of Infinite energy which which can “drink” from and offer to others for as long as we want and as much as we want by respecting the natural flow. Like impermenance it is constantly moving, dynamic and shifting.

It’s a powerful meditation if you are caught in the mode of scarcity something which the ego can project to the point of creating.  And was a good message for me for my own energy sources.

Be in the Flow. Don’t keep it for yourself because you think you might need it. Like breathing…

In and Out and In again.

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