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Saturn’s Walls

Back from the final day of the Geordie tour. Most of our day was spent at the very long wall mentioned yesterday. Hadrian’s Wall, inspiration for iconic Wall in Game of Thrones.

It occurs to me that that this Wall (the real one) is the ultimate Saturnian symbol. Not only is it a conceptual boundary marking out the limits of an ancient empire but it is a physical and imposing visual reminder to those that, this boundary was not for moving.  

And with events happening just across the UK waters, it also led me to reflect upon the shadow side of Saturn, like everything is a continuum from shadow to light and in the darker side Saturn can be felt as highly repressive and oppressive, punishing if you go too far and ruled by fear of breaching its boundaries.

It can be “too” solid, inflexible and exacting as it’s qualities of manifesting something in practical and sustainable way can be overextended.   It doesn’t do compromise well (actually at all) and can all but extinguish gestures of co-operation and collaboration as it sticks its guns, or more aptly, holds the line. 

It’s a poignant reminder, since I visisted a more recent Saturnian wall this Summer, that boundaries are never solid rather partners in a dance.  Our intuition, wisdom and compassion guides us as to when to push and pull or even spin around.

Because emotional or material, if ruled by fear, they all fall.

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