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I work with subtle energy.  That’s what we call the vibrational field or frequencies around all living things from the smallest particle to the largest Sun. We don’t know the range of this field and people like Doc Childre at Heartmath and Nassim Haremein are on the borders of science trying to figure this out in a way that is measurable and evidenced.  For now we have dowsing tools such as pendulums and rods and, of course, our own internal dowsing tool – our intuition. Our intuition can help us tune into different vibrations around us which feel, what we choose to call, subtle.

To me there is nothing subtle about it.  In fact these subtle changes can have a huge and long lasting impact on us be it through changing our own phsyical responses to either create dis-ease or well-being, or collboration or conflict. We call it subtle because we can’t measure it or discern it with our lumbering-in-comparison five senses but those subtle energies define how we see and how we act in the world.

I wonder how much we would change if we could see it? If you could see that flash of anger travel through the air and enter someone else’s energy causing a distortion around them, or the prayer of love surrounding another like a soft blanket.  Or if you hear it? The orchestral sounds of a group sharing what they love or the dissonant screech of a person’s disgust. Or smell? Or taste?  If we could sense, with those traditional five, our impact on each other would we act differently?

It can be a double egded sword when you tune into that “subtlety”, when you realise that not only is there a sixth sense out there but a seventh and an eighth, because you feel it and it becomes clear:

Give love, send love, be of love, in every form you can.

Because it does and always will make a difference ✨

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