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The Cuddle Grid

It’s been another lovely day in the shop. After meditating this morning before opening I was drawn to “grid” the shop with rose quartz. Gridding is one of the great ways to work with crystals by placing them in different patterns around a space or around a person. It raises the vibration as well as protects the space and creates what i am going to call a “vortex” of healing if you can imagine a slow, steady peaceful swirl of energy.

There are a number of different gridding patterns out there which you can choose based on their specific descriptions (check out Judy Hall’s Crystal Bible collection or Katrina Raphael’s Crystal Healing books for details) or you can intuit your own. I worked with four pieces of raw rose quartz at the four corners of the shop and connected them together using my intention (energy) in a clockwise motion. I then linked the two opposite corners in a circle above and below creating an (at least) 3 dimensional orb of energy with a square in the middle.

Without mentioning this to others two people at separate times asked what was different about the space. It felt serene and comforting to them.  To me if feels like you are inside a big cuddle.

So four Rose Quartz sentinels, the stone of unconditional love and compassion, now stands watch over the shop offering their love and soothing energy to those that come by.

What a happy place.  Their crystal brethren seem to like it too!

In love, light and Divine service ✨

2 thoughts on “The Cuddle Grid”

  1. “Without mentioning this to others two people at separate times asked what was different about the space.”

    Wonderful conformation! Thank you for sharing. ❤

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