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Not all messages are words. Nor are they pictures. Sometimes they are people.

I had a session today with my coach where we got into an exploration of “self-chat” that, if we all confessed to each other, we all have. That second guessing, constantly evaluating and comparing, inner critic.  Running a shop, through inner guidance and intuition is not something that sits at all well with my critic. It can’t wrap its head around it. Can’t quantify it, box it or label it. But occasionally its voice gets quite loud especially around whether the shop will “make it.” It’s one thing getting up and running, certainly my envisioning was not focussed around getting it sustainable, and this is where I am now.

I could worry and fret. Concentrate on the what ifs. And i could strategise and plan to the most nth degree. My critic would like that… So I could, but I won’t be.

Because this is where the people come in. Those beings of love above and below.

Those that have found and connected with the space. Or more importantly what the space represents. Those that bring their love, their joy and encouragement, and some cases their belongings. 😊

They are the message not the messengers. Because with them, the “Like-Spirited”,  it’s already made it.

For a reason, season or a lifetime.✨

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