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Ground control


A long languishing lie in today. And then a nap after lunch. It seems my body was in need of some down-time: Post retrograde recovery.

No doubt encouraged by those guides above during my Vortex healing with Sol on Friday as I was reminded (as I often am) to stay grounded. Mercurial minds (those ruled by Mercury, air signs or Sun conjunct) can find grounding counter-intuitive as their major astrological influences are urging them to be “up there” in the realm of ideas, visions, possibilities. Nebulous and half-formed and often untethered. 

This is often where i find myself.  For the longest time this is what I believe spiritual awakening to be. Being up in the stars, playing amongst the vast and infinite galaxies. No rules, laws, restrictions, not even a body to think about.

Just. Pure. Thought. 

So anytime something unpleasant or challenging happened off I would go on a little adventure. Stealthily detaching myself from my current “reality”

No wonder I loved crystals. No wonder the phrase “As above so below” had such a poweful resonance. And no wonder why my closest companions turned out to be Earth signs.  My intuition always there guiding me to stay grounded, connected to the planet.

To stay present. 

As in the present we feel the strongest connection to everything. Our Earth as well as the stars. Our body as well as our thoughts. To be in and of the world. 

To me, thats the message, that’s being awake.

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