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Harmony starts here


New Moon in Libra tonight.  Our opportunity to set our intention to balance the scales. 

Fairness, harmony, negotiating deals and contracts, pleasing aesthetics, all of these are what Libra desires. It is also halfway through the march of the Zodiac where we have learnt all about ourselves and are ready to turn the view towards others. 

Self-ish to Self-less as we look to create a world where everyone is happy, everyone gets what they want.

Libra, the facilitator of peace, sits opposite Aries the warrior and attempts to resolve all conflicts.  The ultimate people-pleaser.

So much in our world is out of balance, both our outer and inner worlds. Global and deeply personal. As above, so below. Both a perfect reflection. One not existing without the other.

So tonight I am going to start the process by working with the Divine energies of the New Moon.  I’m going to set my intention to create harmony and balance my own scales. And if it feels right, I invite you to join me too. 

Find a moment, still yourself and ask “What are my conflicts?” “Does my life feel in balance? If not, where and what is out of balance” “What will bring harmony into my life?” Don’t answer, just ask.  Allow your intuiton to guide you where it wants to go. 

Focus on peace, visualise a bright white light in your heart, allow it to grow and expand throughout your body and into your energy field. Feel any conflicts dissolve away, feel harmony return. 

Finish by giving your gratitude to the guiding force of the Universe or whomever you honour.

Happy New Moon.

Blessed Be ✨

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