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This time next week I’ll be posting the 365th post in my blog before picking up a hopefully large glass of wine in celebration.

One week to go!

I may have started the celebration early as after yesterday’s intense day I indulged in a bit of self-care. Self-care times two.

Firstly after welcoming our Soul Collage workshop participants and speaking with some new customers I retreated to the therapy to have my first ever reflexology session with Ana Mei. Reflexology is a treatment I have always wanted to experience which i am sure has a lot to do with the Pisces rulership of the feet. 

Of course it was wonderful as well as highly informative as she helped me identify areas i needed to work on (nutrition, hydration) and provided some much needed restorative care to my gallbladder. I actually felt it relax and the energy around it expand! And such a sweet natured lady too.  What a blessing to have her work with us.

Immediately following the treatment I joined in with the deep, transformative workshop taking place in the shop space: Soul Collage. I can’t enthuse about this workshop enough. On the surface it might look like you are just cutting out pretty pictures from magazines but underneath, underneath is work at a soul level as your Soul speaks to you throughout the collage process and beyond. If you take in the images of the card in the photo you can see why.

After that I was practically floating. And cared for. And held.

Make that self-care times two thousand. 

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