Spiritual work

Over-ride: A cautionary tale

Last week I was weak and stumbly. It surprised me as I had managed to convince myself that surrounded by the loving, healing energy of crystals and so many beautiful healing souls that getting sick was going to be impossible.

And so of course here came the lesson.

I have been pushing pushing pushing my body for a number of weeks now. There is so much I want to do and so many different tasks to co-ordinate on a daily basis.  I love it all and I want to do it all, but perhaps not all at once.  And there have been a number of moments along the way where working with these healing energies I have received intuitions and messages to slow down, to rest, to…well…heal.

But I chose to press the over-ride switch.  More than once too.

Regardless of the immense healing and restorative power of alternate and complementary therapy unless you work with those energies even they are not going to be able to do their work properly.  It is a relationship not a quick fix. Crystals, vibrational medicine, meditation it’s all a matter of your intention and commitment.  That over-ride switch is there and in our current manifested world the desire to flick it to on can be overwhelming, especially in the field of service to others.  And it doesn’t matter how long you practice, whether a novice or a seasoned energy worker, we can all still find that innocuous looking, impact shifting switch.

We are all a work in progress, which is why, at the Collective, we emphasise sharing our experiences as passengers on a journey not drivers of the train.

And never has that been so evident to me than in the last week.

So ask yourself. Have I flicked the switch?  Am I being kind to myself? Am I listening  to my body and my intuition? Only you know the answer.  Those pretty little rocks will help you and offer your their wisdom and love but, in the end, its up to you whether you accept it.

In love, light and Divine Service


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