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Ask Sally…

Today we are going to start to do things a little bit differently.  One of our Collective members and big-hearted supporters is Sally.  She is not only an incredible complementary therapist but also a qualifed counsellor and psychotherapist.  As such she has offered to be our own on-line advice columnist to answer any questions you have.  Add your comments below and email us or Sally with any questions you would like to ask.

Thank you Sally for everything.  We are all the more stronger for your love and energy.  Now over to you…


Dear Sally

What can I do to lift my mood during the winter months?   As soon as the clocks go back, the nights lengthen and the temperature drops I find I lack the motivation to go out or socialise in the evenings. To be honest I am getting a bit bored of staying in watching Scandinavian crime dramas and can’t help but feel the grey, concrete desolation and lack of intimacy is starting to mirror by own life! I’m single (another thing that bothers me!) and have a stressful sales job for a large car manufacturer which means that some weeks I can spend several hours in the car.  I know my diet isn’t great and I lack the energy or motivation for exercise. I feel I am in a rut but don’t know where to start to pull myself out of it. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Wanda of Walm Lane

Dear Wanda

It sounds like you need an injection of ‘light’ physically, emotionally, metaphorically and spiritually. Here are some of my recommendations. A weekly dance class, book club or other creative activity would be a great way to learn a new skill, meet interesting people (maybe even someone you fancy!) and have fun in the process. I know it can take some courage to sign up but I have yet to meet someone who didn’t feel better once they did! Yoga would be an ideal way for you to improve muscle tone, posture and joint flexibility -a great counterbalance to those long hours spent behind the wheel. When practised during the evening it is also likely to ensure good quality sleep and overtime will improve your resilience to stress. Also don’t forget to get out and walk – its free, invigorating and on a bright sunny day will ensure you are topped up with vitamin D.

When I am working with my nutrition or counselling clients I often get them to fill in a ‘how good are you at looking after yourself?’ questionnaire and am astounded by their low scores. It is really important for example to make sure that every day you make time to do something pleasurable for yourself, that you can say NO when other people make demands on you and that you make a point of eating a healthy diet and don’t skip meals.

Hot warming vegetable rich colourful food is especially important during the cold grey days of winter. Think tomato and lentil soup, a vegetarian chilli, bangers and mash and baked apples oozing with a selection of chopped dried fruits and a little brown sugar.

Crystal wise I would carry with you and meditate with Citrine. This beautiful transparent yellow crystal symbolic of the sun and illumination energises and invigorates increasing motivation and physical energy whilst also stimulating creativity. It is known as ‘the stone of prosperity’ so also helps manifest abundance. What more could you ask for! Good luck and hoping the above has inspired you.


Sally Turberville Smith is a qualified Counsellor/Psychotherapist, Nutritionist, Beauty Therapist and CPS accredited Healer working in Willesden Green. For more information about Sally or to book an appointment please email or visit

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