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This month has been busy. Not that the month before was not, but this is a different kind of busy. An up in the air, juggling, planning, head-scratching busy.  Because RSL Collective is changing.

After over a year in Queens Parade, Willesden Green I have been blessed to connect with a number of complementary therapists and like-minded souls and through discussion and exploration we have created a new way of working for our Collective.

As of the 1st September 2016 we became a therapist-run Collective. We share the running costs, share the management and share the space. Equally. We have equal say and we work together to support the growth of our complementary therapy practices as well as the growth of RSL.

As a result we can offer a broad range of therapies all focused on PERSONAL and COMMUNITY WELLBEING, as well as run events and help others run events by offering space for hire in our new Unit, No 3 Queens Parade, now known as RSL Community.

With luck and a wink and a smile from above we will be fully ready at the end of the month.  Details  to be announced as soon as we know them!

In the meantime, you can find out more about what we are offering here and of course please feel free join us for a chat in our very active group on Facebook, also called RSL Community.


Love, light and wellbeing


Founder, RSL Collective

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