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Starting a podcast

As a recent podcast obsessive, I am very much looking forward to adding this to my list of regular listens. A great idea and great premise for exploring the reality of living with M.E. Will let Daniel explain further…

The Low Side

Starting an ME and chronic illness podcast. 

A friend, Dov Zeller and I are starting a podcast about living with ME and chronic illness, creativity and making meaning. We’re really different people, living on different continents. I’d be happy spending an afternoon watching two football matches in a row. Dov would be found researching for his latest book and making Tempeh when his energy allows. I have followed his culinary lead occasionally and made sauerkraut in the past although I used too much salt and it sat in the back of the fridge for far too long!

If might be that we’re an unlikely pairing but sometimes unlikely works well. We met on twitter back when it was a healthier place and we talk on zoom every two or three weeks. What we do have in common though is a love for photography, a desire to discuss deeper things in…

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