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The Cloak of Silence

It has took me a long while to appreciate silence. Our minds become accustomed to a level of noise which we don't realise becomes comforting, sending us signals that life is how we would consider normal. I used to love the distinct whirring and wheezing of the Jubilee line, the trilling of the beeps at… Continue reading The Cloak of Silence

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Sole preparations

It's been a pretty powerful weekend for me. ¬†Yesterday's rebalancing has continued and created a space for solitude and stillness. I've spent the afternoon mostly in silence. ¬†Even having my meditation and healing music playing softly in the background didn't feel quite right and the only soundtrack I have had has been various birdsong in… Continue reading Sole preparations

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Stompy Girl’s legacy

It was one of those cosy indoors days today. Mostly likely the calm released after my stormy yesterday. That feeling of inner silence was blissful. I meditated again after reading another chapter of Energy Blessings from the Stars. Similar sensations but they felt a little hotter and more focused this time. Similar feeling of expansion… Continue reading Stompy Girl’s legacy

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Thing must be returning to normal because that Friday feeling has struck again. After my love letter to writing yesterday I found myself not knowing what to write. I spent most of my day focused on finding my replacement at work. Reading CVs and conducting telephone interviews in between a number of meetings. For anyone… Continue reading Communican’t

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Enjoying the view

30 posts 30 days and each day I have been guided by my intuition and the "upstairs" lot in some form or other. As I was thinking, or more accurately opening, to the theme of my post today I felt that this would be an ideal opportunity to look back at the messages I have… Continue reading Enjoying the view