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I work with subtle energy.  That's what we call the vibrational field or frequencies around all living things from the smallest particle to the largest Sun. We don't know the range of this field and people like Doc Childre at Heartmath and Nassim Haremein are on the borders of science trying to figure this out… Continue reading Sensationalist

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The Science and the Spirit

I get increasingly excited about the bold and adventurous direction science is heading into. It feels to me like its starting to catch up with what spiritual texts from all walks of the world have been saying all along... We are one. Everything is connected. When i was reflecting on that on my way home… Continue reading The Science and the Spirit

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You learn something new every day

Be thankful for the little things.  I like to think of this as the reverse of "first-world problems" Like enjoying a few small glasses of wine (with about 8 pints of water) and waking up with minimal damage. A slight fluffy head that quickly passes and suddenly, that Sunday, you had written off, magically reappears.… Continue reading You learn something new every day