Crystals, Meditation, Self-care, Spiritual work

Back in time

A bit of a different day today from what has become my new normal routine as I was back at my old HR workplace handing over to the current incumbent. This is something I had offered before I left and has been a bit of a shadow.

So before my meditation this morning I felt a huge resistance to going. This was no longer my world nor did I wish to venture back into it. The resistance was of course ego fear. Fear of losing my momentum, fear of going backwards and if I am brutally honest, the familiar fear of judgment.

Meditating allowed me to reflect on that fear from a safe space allowing for more expansive energies to come forward- the sense of adventure, reconnecting with friends and offering support. Crystals that supported that change were Rhodochrosite for my heart chakra to connect to love and sooth fear, Carnelian to charge and strengthen my sacral chakra (where we hold our most raw emotions) and a small piece of Rose Quartz to focus me on self-care.

They also heightened my self-awareness as I felt old patterns of behavior re-emerge. Luckily I was able to laugh at myself rather than resort to another old pattern of self-judgement and criticism. A timely reminder that personal development takes practice and work in order to be integrated. It’s not just a fluffy warm feeling one day playing with some stones.

And now it’s back to my new normal and my daily practice. HR now is done and no distractions (of that kind at least) ahead.

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