Crystals, Spiritual work

Supreme Nurturing 

In thinking about what to write today, one of my crystal friends practically jumped out at me. It was a piece of Jasper.

I am not sure what it is about Jasper in general but everytime I pick a piece up or talk about it I feel warm and smiley inside, and invariably declare “I love Jasper” almost before I know I am going to say it. It’s not a surprise then that it has been known since the times of our most ancient ancestors as the Supreme Nurturer.

So after a day at my desk researching and wandering around the digital ether sitting with a stone that is grounding, and more than that, anchoring, is most welcome. The particular Jasper I am working with is known as Picture or Landscape Jasper. It’s very comforting and gives me permission to sink into myself rather than holding my body tight. This means slower and deeper breaths as I start to relax and bring myself back to the present.

It also is one of the major stones that links us to our Earth. It’s purpose in grounding and anchoring is to remind that we are here on the Earth and of the Earth, and with that comes a gentle reminder of our responsibility to the only home we have. The most ancient of wisdom that our ancestors passed down.

A great stone to work with for the ecologically minded, especially when ideas and passions are swirling. A natural and soothing way to bring us back to our Mother, Earth.

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