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A return to our previous format with another lesson learned (or rather underway) from Kirstie…

I have just completed our first Introduction to Mindfulness course with Saffron. What a gift it has been especially through what has been experienced as stormy times. During the course Saffron shared with us the fundamental principles of Mindfulness before taking us on a journey to experience these for ourselves. For me, the timing was Divine because it woke me up again…

The Principles
Non-judging: Not getting caught up in our ideas and opinions, likes and dislikes.
Patience: An understanding and acceptance that sometimes things must unfold in their own time.
Beginner’s Mind: Seeing things with fresh eyes, with a clear and uncluttered mind.
Trust: Trusting in your intuition and your own authority.
Non-striving: Trying less and being more.
Acceptance: Coming to terms with things as they are.
Letting Go: Letting our experience be what it is

For a moment I forgot all of this and the shouty voice took over. I forgot to see each day as a gift and a continuing adventure. I forgot to be grateful for everything I have and I forgot to let everything be, as it is meant to be, as it is set.

Running a spiritual business sometimes means eschewing the spiritual in favour of the business.  Worrying about words such as break-even, fretting about deadlines, furrowing the brow about sales figures. It can also mean finding yourself foregoing  your daily meditation and self-care practice because you have “no time”.

And it can mean getting lost. Losing yourself and losing sight of what you wanted to do in the first place.

All part of the learning and with it all part of the adventure.   Now it’s time to honour my path and see where it takes me.  Let life live through me rather than trying to shoe-horn it all in.

I am excited again to see what happens next!

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